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CRT Medical Monitor Repairs & LCD Medical Display Repairs

VeeArc is the only certified repair center for Eizo, Siemens, Data Modul and Conrac Imaging CRT, LCD and LED Monitors in North and South America. Since 2010, EIZO has authorized VeeArc Displays to service a selected range of LCD Displays.

Our technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturer and they follow exact procedures and use exclusively original, spare parts to ensure the high quality and performance medical professionals require.

Here is why you’ve come to the right place for Monitor and Display Repairs:

1. Authorized CRT, LCD and LED Repair Services

2. Doctor’s and Patients rely on the correct performance of the equipment. Don’t take the risk of a wrong diagnosis by the Doctor caused by unauthorized service!

3. VeeArc has a ISO 9001:2008 certified operation to ensure the highest quality standards are applied to the processes used to service your equipment.

Did You Know?

Only VeeArc can obtain original spare parts for the authorized products in the US.

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